For an infection that kills 1.3 million a year, there’s no such thing as routine screening.1 Every tuberculosis (TB) test is your opportunity to uncover infection, to protect patient and community, to fight back against the epidemic. The T-SPOT®.TB test is designed to maximize that opportunity.

It’s not just a test, it’s a moment of truth for TB.


The T-SPOT.TB test is a unique, single visit blood test for tuberculosis designed to reduce assay variability and maximize sensitivity, even in the immunocompromised.2


Cells Matter2

When your test looks for signs of TB infection using T cells, it matters how many T cells you include. The T-SPOT.TB test, unlike other tests, uses the same number each time. And it’s a big number: 250,000 cells per well, four wells per test. That’s a million witnesses to infection – and a moment of truth for TB.


Isolate PBMCs

Enriches the desired cell population (T cells) from whole blood

Wash cells

Enables removal of serum and potentially interfering substances

Count cells

Facilitates correction for variations in patient PBMC counts

Standardize cells

Ensures that the required number of cells are used to produce a reportable result


Patient stories


Kelly is a physician and has treated patients with tuberculosis (TB). Being a TB patient, however, was new territory for him. One of the most difficult parts of the process was the impact on his family, friends and patients, who were forced to endure months of treatment due to their contact with him. He now brings a new understanding to his practice and works tirelessly to educate others, especially those in the healthcare community.



Kate works in television sports journalism. Pregnant with her second child at the time of her TB diagnosis, Kate spent three months hospitalized away from friends and family. Doctors were unable to tell her whether the strong antibiotics used to treat the TB would have an effect on the developing fetus. Kate, fortunately, went on to deliver a healthy baby and has served as an advocate for TB survivors ever since.



Shaka teaches and performs as a salsa dancer. His passion has taken him around the world. When he was diagnosed, he learned that he had disseminated TB, or TB that had spread from his lungs to other parts of his body. After a long, harsh treatment, Shaka recovered and now works to educate others about this deadly disease.

Patient Stories

Screening Matters

Every TB test result is a ‘moment of truth’. If it’s positive, then you’ve begun the process of fighting it. You can protect the patient and the wider community from a deadly risk. If it’s negative, there may be no need for powerful antibiotics – and the patient is cleared to live and work closely with others. With so much at stake, positive or negative, what’s vital is getting a result people can trust.

Latest Guidelines

US TB testing guidelines broadly recommend IGRA testing. Tuberculosis (TB) screening guidelines have been updated to include the availability of modern TB infection testing methods. Interferon-gamma release assays (IGRAs), such as the T-SPOT.TB test, address many limitations of the century-old tuberculin skin test (TST). A range of current US TB testing guidelines are below:

Latest Guidelines

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